Daniel Maidment-Yates

Hi, my name is Dan and I am an experienced, passionate and professional photographer based in Brighton, England. You will rarely find me without a camera, and I am constantly analysing light and the form of things wherever I go.  I am always exploring new places and experimenting with new techniques. 

I believe that an outstanding photographer is always open to adapting their approach to get the best quality of work. 

My added value is my ability to create striking graphics and use light and shadow to complement the focus in my work whether that is street, portraiture, landscape, wildlife, or many more disciplines.

I try to capture the essence of a place or person to create an identity that viewers can sense in my images; I want people to be able to look at my shots as though they are seeing a perspective that they may not have experienced before. It is especially interesting for me to involve my subjects in portrait ventures that project a vision that they may not know about themselves. I believe my role as a portrait photographer is to explore the person and show who they really are.