Surround yourself with talent.

This is the second time I’m writing this blog post in as many days, due to some critical failure on the part of Squarespace’s blog client and my shocking internet at home. I’m now writing the blog in *unknown office software* sorry Bill, you’ll have to pay for this kind of exposure, I mean there must be at least 3 people reading this. 


Anyway, let’s try and pick up where I left off last night, today I want to talk about surrounding yourself with people that make you better at what you do. I was on Twitter last night, following more accounts and trying to build a feed that I could take inspiration from and it gave me a thought: I’m doing the same thing in my life right now. I’m trying to surround myself more and more with people that are successful in my field, so we can learn from one another and make each other better. 


There is no shortage of photographers and designers on twitter, but I like to follow other creatives as well, these can range from cinematographers and painters, to scientists and woodworkers. I truly believe that the people around you can either bring you up or bring you down. I’d like to use this post to talk briefly about a few accounts that I follow on twitter and various other platforms, and what they bring to my work. These accounts range from friends of mine to people at the very top of their respective fields, and I can take things from all of them to influence how I work. 


@theChrisDo – Chris Do, based in Santa Monica, CA, is the CEO of Blind, a pioneering company in the world of motion graphics and graphic design. Chris is also the founder of The Futur, an online education platform teaching the business of design to people like myself, he is also an emmy award winning director so the guy knows his stuff! 


@jessicakobeissi – Jessica is a Lebanese American fashion photographer based in Detroit, MI. She is a youtube sensation in recent years, and is absolutely crushing it. I can’t even count how many things I have learned about shooting and post processing from Jessica, and her work continues to influence my own. I would consider her videos educational, with a dorky comedic flair. I implore anyone working in portrait photography to go and follow Jessica. 


@MattiHapooja – Matti is a Finnish born videographer and youtuber based in Toronto, Canada. Matti’s is the founder of huge youtube account ‘Travel Feels’ and has grown exponentially in recent years. His videos combine epic travel vlogs with expert level cinematography, and brilliant educational content. I have learned so much from Matti, and continue to learn more every day, making me a better videographer. 


@designinglydia – Lydia is a good friend of mine from University, and a Graphic Designer based in Sussex, U.K. I wouldn’t have gotten through my degree as well as I did without Lydia’s constant advice, letting me know when something I was trying wasn’t working, and helping me realise the full potential of the ideas that I had. Lydia is a multi-faceted designer, as you will see, and is just slightly obsessed with Asia and Gaming. Just follow her on twitter and you will see what I mean. 


To wrap up, all of the above people whether I know them personally or not, have helped me grow as a creative. So go and put yourself out there and surround yourself with the best in your field, and your peers alike. We can all work together to make one another better and we owe it to eachother to do so.