Master of Photography, and the importance of learning from the pros.

I don't know about you but I have become absolutely obsessed with Sky Arts' Master of Photography lately. The basic concept for those that haven't seen it, is that they take accomplished photographers from all over Europe and pit them against one another in a series of photographic challenges. These challenges cover many disciplines, and different locations all around Europe. 

The show spans 8 weeks and 8 challenges, being harshly judged by the resident judges.  Oliviero Toscani, the controversial Italian genius has judged all 3 seasons, and it is fascinating to get his insight into each individual challenge. 

Each challenge brings with it a guest judge, which is usually a giant of the photography world, notable guests have been David LaChapelle and Steve McCurry. They come in after the shooting stage, to assess the quality of images and the story behind each contestant's work, as well as giving some well timed advice and criticism. 

Watching this show just reminds me how important it is to learn from the best in your field, not just the legends like Cartier-Bresson or Ansel Adams, but also the current industry leaders in your field. I try and learn every day whether that be reading blog posts or scouring the web, but I keep finding that my go to is Youtube. 

People like Tony & Chelsea Northrup, Peter McKinnon, Sean Tucker, Thomas Heaton, all have a wealth of knowledge and all they want to do is share it with you! I learned photography by watching Tony & Chelsea day in, day out, and their knowledge has helped shape my work into what it is today. I look to Sean Tucker for philosophical learning in photography, Thomas Heaton for peaceful, high art landscape tutorials, Peter McKinnon for cutting edge film making and so many more I cannot list them all. I highly recommend you check them all out if photography is your jam, I'll drop the links in below.  Go and learn something new from the best in the world in our field. 

Peter McKinnon

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Thomas Heaton

Sean Tucker

Kai Wong