University is over... what now?

While you're deep into the 3 year Uni grind you never really think about it coming to an end. Sure, sometimes you can't wait for it to end, but other times you realise these are the best times of your life. Being surrounded by creative, open minded people was such a breath of fresh air for me that I never wanted to leave.

Alas, that time has come, Uni is over and now it's off out into the real world, trying to find work and make it in one of the most competitive industries in the world. What I will miss most is the conversation, when you're in a multicultural hive of creative activity every day there is always something interesting to talk about, some big global issue or some art movement that a classmate has stumbled upon for the first time.

It's both exciting and terrifying getting back out into the real world, in a changing world who knows what could happen?